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Chicken and Cheese Omelet

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Chicken and Cheese Omelet

Got left over chicken? Here’s a good way to use it in a great breakfast omelet. (It could even be lunch or dinner). Chicken and cheese, a great combination for an omelet.


This recipe should feed 4.

  1. 6 eggs (or the equivalent egg substitute)
  2. 1/2  cup shredded low fat cheddar cheese (you can use any low fat cheese that melts without becoming stringy. I wouldn’t recommend mozzarella. If you like goat cheese or feta, add a little for extra flavor.
  3. 1/2 small onion, diced
  4. 1 diced tomato (remove seeds and allow tomato to drain on a paper towel. You don’t want all that watery liquid.
  5. 1 cup mushrooms (if you like them)
  6. 1 small red or green bell pepper (you can buy small ones in a bag at the grocery store. They keep for quite a while.
  7. 1/4 cup low fat milk
  8. 1/4 cup low fat sour cream or low fat plain yogurt
  9. 1 Tablespoon olive or grapeseed oil.
  10. Salt and pepper


  1. Heat your oven to 325 degrees.
  2. Take your left over chicken and chop it into small bite sized pieces.
  3. In a medium sized non stick skillet, add 1 tablespoon of olive or grapeseed oil.
  4. Add onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and bell pepper and saute on medium low heat  for 2 to 3 minutes or until onions are soft. Drain on a paper towel.
  5. Beat the eggs until combined or simply pour the egg substitute into a bowl
  6. Add the milk and sour cream to the eggs and whisk to combine
  7. Using the same skillet that you sauted the vegetables in, make sure there is nothing sticking to the bottom and that there is still some oil in the bottom. You don’t need much oil, so if there’s none left in the skillet, simply spray the bottom and sides with cooking spray. Place the skillet on a medium low heat and allow the pan to heat up. Then add the egg mixture.
  8. Let the egg mixture cook until you start to see a layer of cooked eggs evenly covering the bottom of the pan
  9. Sprinkle half of the cheese onto the eggs.
  10. Sprinkle evenly the vegetable mixture on top of the cheese.
  11. Let the eggs bubble up through the vegetables and cheese.
  12. Add the rest of the cheese to the top and remove from the burner and place in the preheated oven.
  13. The omelet is fully cooked when there is no visible liquid on the top, This usually takes 5 minutes, sometime longer depending on how far the eggs were cooked before putting it into the oven.
  14. Remove from the oven and let sit for 2 minutes, then slice and serve.

Serving Suggestions

Serve this chicken and cheese omelet with your choice of fresh fruit and whole grain English muffins or toast.  Use a butter substitute such as Heart Healthy spread and maybe some honey as a topping.

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