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Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

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Who doesn't like spaghetti with meat sauce? It's one of those foods you loved as a kid. It's 100% comfort. I've been making this sauce since I was big enough to see over the top of my mom's biggest sauce pot. So... it may be a lot your your mama's or grandma's. I have added [...]

Lou’s Marinara Sauce

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I like to make up marinara sauce (meatless red sauce)  in very large batches. Then I can adapt it to many dishes. To turn it into a delicious red meat sauce, lasagna sauce, or even chili check out the spaghetti sauce recipe, Lou's Low Fat Lasagna, or Spiced up Chili. Here's where you can make [...]

Lou’s Low Fat Lasagna

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Who doesn't like lasagna? It speaks of family dinners on cold winter nights or  family reunions. This is my recipe for low fat lasagna. It may be similar to other recipes you'll find online, but I don't think I've ever used a "written down" recipe. So...I thought I would write mine down and see if [...]