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More Uses for Cooking Spray

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Are you tired of hearing baking your french fries is healthier, but your family looks at you like you have purple hair because the fries are dry and just don't look appetizing. Well, get out your cooking spray, (Yes, the same one that you use to spray the bottom of your pans.) and get ready [...]

Healthy Pasta Substitutes

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Pasta Substitutes

We've all heard that pasta has too many carbs and is full of gluten and that we should avoid it. Well, I'm here to tell you that I just can't exist without having pasta. So, what to do? Find a healthy pasta substitute that still tastes like a regular old noodle. Easier said than done. [...]

What Cooking Oil Should I Use?

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When I asked myself, "What cooking oil should I use?" I did a little research and found that there are many healthy oils. My preferences are olive, grapeseed, almond and sesame oils. I simply don't deep fry food any more (or very rarely), so my need for vegetable or corn oil has dwindled to almost [...]

What are the Good Fats?

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Here's the Good, The Bad and The Ugly about fats. Let's start with some basic facts that you probably already know: Trans fats and saturated fats: Bad fat Unsaturated fats: Good fat But do you know where trans fats come from? They started out as an unsaturated fat, but went through a hydrogenation process (a [...]