Cooking with Lou

About Lois (Lou) Ashton

Hello and Welcome. My name is Lois (most people call me Lou) Ashton and this is one of my websites. I recently retired and found myself with new found time on my hands.

There are two things that I love to do. One is cooking and the other is gardening. So, I decided to start two blogs, obviously about two of my favorite things. (Cooking with Lou and Diary of an Average Gardener)  I’m having fun keeping up with both sites and it keeps me occupied in my retirement.

I have two children, both grown and out on their own, a husband (who hasn’t retired yet), and a small 100 pound Bull Mastiff. Part of the motivation for starting the cooking site was to write down my family’s favorite dishes so they could access them anytime, anywhere! Technology…can be a wonderful thing!

I designed and implemented this site myself, take the pictures, and write the posts. Oddly, enough I’ve enjoyed creating the site almost as much as cooking the food I’ve shared with you here.


I hope you enjoy the site.

Lois (Lou) Ashton

P. S. If you find a problem with the site (or heaven forbid…one of the recipes) just let me know.